▨❤▨ ~Glasgow Grin~ Red vs Blue Hunt & Olala Event!

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Available July 1st at the Main Store Only!

▨▨ Red vs Blue Hunt
--3L Gridwide Hunt--
July 1st - July 30th
Three boxes to find, each with a different bikini! Each bikini comes with the futa/male thong!

Available July 1st at the Olala Event!!

▨▨ Olala Event
July 1st - July 20th

Exclusive 50% off item!

Two other colors available at regular price!


❤❤ Sex Sells Gacha Fair
--Gacha Fair--
July 4th - July 18th

❤❤ Nerdapalooza
--Relay for Life Event--
July 5th - July 11th

❤❤ Aristo Event
--Monthly Aristocrat Fashion Event--
July 10th - July 24th

❤❤ The Alchemy
--Monthly Sales Event--
August 5th - August 25th

❤❤ Femboy Hunt 7
--2L Gridwide Hunt--
September 1st - September 30th

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