▨❤▨ October Current Events & News!

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We are taking part in several events and hunts this month, including the Hunt for the Cure, a 10L hunt where all the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Connections charity. Every woman in my family with the exception of my mother has had or died from breast cancer, so this event is important to me. And please remember, men can get breast cancer too, so it is even more important that we involve the men in our efforts for a cure! We have a unisex gift and a more feminine gift available! ❤

❤❤ Fill in the Blanks Hunt
--2L Gridwide Hunt--
September 28th - October 26th
HINT: “Check out that new release!”

❤❤ Hunt for the Cure
--10L Gridwide Charity Hunt--
October 1st - November 1st
Unisex Item Hint: "Everyone loves a gacha!"

Girly Item Hint: "What pretty butterflies!"

❤❤ Kikai Halloween Market
Teleport to the Hallowen Market!
October 1st - November 1st

❤Special Limited Edition: Only 25 Available!❤

❤❤ Creepy Cutie Carnival
October 19th - October 31st

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