▨❤▨ Store Policies ▨❤▨

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▨❤▨ ~Store Policies~ ▨❤▨

▨❤▨ If you need to contact me for any reason, please leave a notecard in the mailbox at the main store. I will get back to you within 4 days, unless it states in my profile that I am offline for an extended amount of time.

▨❤▨ No refunds for any items except double purchases with transaction information on both purchases.

▨❤▨ No exchanges on no trans items.

▨❤▨ Will do custom versions of items for price of the original item plus 100L. This does not include gacha or exclusive items.

▨❤▨ If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please leave a notecard at my store in the mailbox.

▨❤▨ Bloggers always welcome, please leave a notecard at my store in the mailbox.

▨❤▨ Invitations to hunts and events are always welcome!

▨❤▨ If you purchase a demo from the marketplace or in-world store, be sure to fill out and return the "=DEMO= Refund & Raffle!" notecard that comes with it for a chance to get free items from my store!

If you make a purchase on the marketplace, please leave a review!

~Taki ❤

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